Requirements for the content and design of publications

Dear authors!
Please note that only those articles that are relevant to the journal are accepted for review and further double-blind (double-blind).
Under the editorial policy of the Journal, authors / contributors may only publish one article in the current issue.
Terms of submission and publication of manuscripts
The article is submitted in one of the following languages (Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, English, Polish, Serbian, Czech, French, German, Chinese) in an online submission at
The manuscripts undergo a double-blind review.
The article is accompanied by a separate file signed by the author to read the Statement of Conflicts of Interest.
Rules of design of manuscripts of articles
The following must be included in the article:
• Introduction (revealing the relevance of the research; problem formulation and analysis of previous research and publications; goal and objectives are formulated).
• Research methods and techniques (theoretical and methodological and / or experimental study procedure is covered).
• Results and discussions (basic material is presented in such a way that the essence of theoretical and / or empirical research is understood; discussions on the issues covered).
• Conclusions (generalizes the results, prospects for further research are provided).
The main body of the article can range from 3,500 words (12 pages) to 6,000 words (24 pages), provided that there are 250 words-300 words per page.
The total volume of the article should not exceed 24-25 pages.
The editorial policy of the magazine includes no more than 4 co-authors of one publication (articles, reviews, reviews, etc.).
Technical requirements for the article:
Fields: lower, upper – 2 cm; right – 1.5 cm; left – 3 cm.
Editor: MS Word.
Headset: Times New Roman, size 14, size 1.5.
The text is typed without hyphenation.
The article is formulated as follows:
On the left edge:
• UDC code;
Centered (in English):
• Article title;
• Name and surname of the author (s);
• Academic title, academic degree, position, Email, ORCID (Researcher ID, Scopus ID – if author);
Paragraph Alignment:
• Abstract in English (1800 characters without spaces (230-250 words);
• Keywords in English (5-8 words).
• Article text
Center (article language):
• Literature (center alignment)
• References (center alignment)
• Name and surname of the author (s);
• Academic title, academic degree, position;
• Place of work, postal address of the institution;
• Place of work, postal address of the institution;
Paragraph Alignment:
• Abstract in the language of the article (1800 characters without spaces (230-250 words);
• Keywords in the language of the article.
The abstract should be structured and contain the following components:
•         The aim of the study.
Research Methods (or Research Procedure).
Citation and intertextual references to literary sources are in the ARA style, for example (Ivanov, 2008; Shulzhenko & Derevyanko, 2000; Dejk, Pristly & Leod, 2018); if a source page is specified, it is fed through a colon, for example (Virchenko, 2010: 55).
In the content of the article, when listing the names of scientists, it is necessary to indicate the year (years) of work (works), which are analyzed by the author of the article, and “make” relevant sources in the list of literature.
Understanding speech (text) is the subject of psycholinguistic research of domestic and foreign scientists (Вартанов, 2009, 2019; Різун, 2015; Партико, 1996; Холод, 1999, 2019; Зражевська, 2005; Бойко, 1991, 2010; Wertyl & Polansky, 2019; Lashke, Rizun & Kholod, 2013; Betsy, Koff, Meiri-Leib, Joils & Mountain, 2013; Costle & Wasserman, 2018; Mook, Falconi & Tolff, 2017 etc.).
Literature and References are designed in ARA style.
The files must be attached in the online submission to the email address and named by the author’s name:
Bartoshek_ request.
Bartoshek_form about conflict of interest.
Conditions for obtaining an author’s copy of the collection of scientific works
The Collection is forwarded by the New Mail at the expense of the author.
PUBLICATION COST is specified in the Pay for Publishing tab
The editorial staff will contact the authors to confirm information about the paper’s approval and payment.
Privacy Statement
The names and e-mail addresses provided by users of this Journal’s site will be used solely to perform the internal technical tasks of this Journal; they will not be distributed or transmitted to outsiders.
The author, if he wishes, can turn to the automatic generator of the APA style link by clicking here.